‘Two Sides of Pakistan’: Twitter Fumes After Long Queues Seen at new Tim Hortons Store in Cash-Strapped Country | World News

Pakistan is on the verge of going into default, to put it mildly. Inflation in the nation is at its highest level in 45 years. Even necessities like food and water are out of reach for many people. However, viral pictures of long queues at the cash-strapped nation’s first Tim Hortons coffee outlet have divided internet users. The popular coffee store opened its first outlet in Lahore over the weekend. The pictures and videos showing the coffee craze in Lahore have caused outrage on the internet as many Pakistanis expressed their displeasure at how the elite of their country had no hesitation in purchasing expensive coffees amid an economic crisis. Pakistan’s economy is currently in a bad state. As of February 9, its foreign exchange reserves have come down to $3 billion. Pakistan’s currency (PKR) has fallen to a record low. The prices of petrol and diesel in the country are at a record high.

A Dawn journalist shared a video of the long queue at the Tim Hortons store during the night on Twitter. The caption of the post read, “On one hand poor are lining up for one bag of subsidised flour and riches are queueing up for Tim Horton’s coffee. If Star Bucks and Pret A Manger are eyeing Pakistan, FBR must think of taxing those who are enjoying Europe in Pakistan without paying a penny of tax.”

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Another user supporting the Tim Hortons craze wrote, “Someone tweeted that Lahoris rather than buying Tim Hortons should focus on working on their accent and I am just trying to make sense out of it…lol If we paindus want to try something new tou is mai apkay piyo ka kya ja raha hai, Razia?

A user compared the visuals of the Tim Horton queue and a crowd of people waiting to get Flour. He said, Two sides of Pakistan ‘Tim Hortons’ and ‘Flour’.

A second user said, “Flood ridden; Electricity shortage; leading to blackouts; fuel, petrol price hike; gas shortage, no gas at night Flour shortage, price hike; Inflation & we are standing in line for coffee ; PSL ceremonies & matches.”

A third user said, “People of Pakistan – an opening of a Tim Hortons is not going to worsen the economic and social disparities of a country that’s run by corrupt political leaders touting their agenda. Tax the rich, make social reforms, educate your youth, give them employment.” 

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