Onion Price Control: No more ‘TEARS’ to consumers’ eyes, Modi government makes THIS wonderful arrangement | India News

Onion Price: Now people will not have to worry about the price of onion in the country. In order to ensure adequate supply of onions in this financial year i.e. 2022-23, the central government has created a stock reserve of 2.5 lakh tonnes of onions. This is the record so far of stocking onions in such a large quantity. This onion will be released in the market during festive days or weak season, so that people do not face any problem in buying onions. 

According to media reports, onion production may remain weak from August to December this year. In such a situation, this reserve stock can be very useful in maintaining the supply of onions in the country. The government has taken the step when the inflation rate is running above 7 percent. In such a situation, this measure can be very useful in stabilizing the rising prices of vegetables and keeping the prices under control. The Consumer Ministry of the Central Government is arranging this buffer stock of onions. 

According to the report, there are some vegetables which are eaten daily in every household. Onion is also one of these. In such a situation, if the price of essential things like onions increases, then the budget of any household gets spoiled. If we talk about the Consumer Price Index, then each spends about 6 percent of his total expenditure on the purchase of vegetables. 

The ministry said in a statement that it has procured this onion from farmers of large onion growing states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. This crop is sown in winter. According to the ministry official, 65 percent of the country’s onion production is sown between April and June and is harvested in October. Which later the government buys from the farmers and stocks it. This is the reason that there is no shortage of onion in the country even during the rainy days. 

The harvesting of winter sown onions during April-June accounts for 65% of India’s onion production and meets the demand from October-November till the harvesting of the summer crop. In such a situation, to keep onion prices balanced in the country, it becomes necessary to stock it. Onions will be sent from this stock to those cities where prices have increased in comparison to the previous month. This work may start from August. 

Past data shows that onion prices usually peak around September as stocks of the previous crops run out. Whereas the fresh crop usually arrives in the markets only in January. Onion is such a crop, which if not stored properly, conditions are created for its rotting or sprouting. Therefore, it needs a lot of care during the stock. 

Maharashtra is the largest producer of onion in the country. If seen in a way, the prices of onions in the whole country are decided by the production there. Onion prices in Maharashtra’s Lasalgaon are running at an average of Rs 1,225 per quintal and have remained stable so far. 

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