‘No words banned, issued compilation of words expunged’, says LS Speaker on row over ‘unparliamentary words’ | India News

New Delhi: Amid outrage by the Opposition over a list of ‘unparliamentary words’, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Thursday (July 14) clarified that no words have been banned and they have only issued a “compilation of the words that have been expunged”. “Earlier a book of such unparliamentary words used to be released… to avoid wastage of papers, we have put it on internet. No words have been banned, we have issued a compilation of the words that have been expunged,” Om Birla was quoted as saying by ANI. 

Responding to the backlash by the Opposition parties, he said, “Have they (Opposition) read this 1100-page dictionary (comprising unparliamentary words), if they had…would not have spread misconception…It’s been released in 1954…1986, 1992, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2010…began releasing on a yearly basis since 2010.”

Further, the Lok Sabha Speaker said that members are “free to express” their views while maintaining decorum of the House. “Words that have been expunged have been said/used in the Parliament by the Opposition as well as the party in power. Nothing as such selective expunging of words used by only Opposition…no words banned, have removed words that were objected to previously,” Om Birla added. 

The Lok Sabha Speaker’s remarks come in the wake of Opposition targeting the government and accusing it of listing every word used by them to “describe how BJP was destroying India” as “unparliamentary”.

Referring to the release of the booklet compiling lists of words and expressions considered unparliamentary by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, Birla said “it is a routine practice continuing since 1959”. 

Earlier, government sources had told PTI that the list is “not a new suggestion”, but only a compilation of words already expunged in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha or state legislatures, adding that it also comprises words considered unparliamentary in parliaments of Commonwealth countries. 

“Most of these words were considered unparliamentary even during the UPA government. The booklet is mere compilation of the words not suggestions or order,” an official told the news agency.

The Opposition slammed the Central government after certain words like ‘jumlajeevi’, ‘Covid spreader’, ‘anarchist’, ‘Shakuni’, ‘tanashah’ and ‘Snoopgate’ were declared “unparliamentary”. 

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