Cafeterias of Pak Parliament House sealed after cockroaches found in food | World News

Islamabad: The Islamabad administration has sealed two cafeterias of Parliament House in the Pakistani capital after cockroaches were found in the food. Many of the Parliamentarians had already stopped having meals in these cafeterias owing to substandard food, Samaa TV reported.

After the latest incident where the lawmakers discovered cockroaches in their food, they lodged a complaint with Islamabad`s district administration. When the administration officials conducted a raid there, they witnessed pests in the cafeteria and kitchen besides poor hygiene practices.

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Following this, they sealed two cafeterias. This is not the first such incident of the sort, Samaa TV reported.

In 2014, a cockroach was found inside a ketchup bottle in a cafeteria of the House.

The lawmakers had also raised questions on the quality of meat used in the meals in 2019. The abysmal cleanliness standard is not limited to Parliament House only. Mice infestation had also been reported in Parliament Lodges in the past.

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